I spent a lot of time trying to decide what recipe I would share with the masses as (read this in an announcer’s voice) THE FIRST RECIPE OF MY BLOG. I don’t make fancy food and I’m not a particularly great photographer, so I gave up pretty early on my hope of my blog being confused with the Pioneer Woman. I’m okay with that – after all she’s got her niche and I’ve got mine. And my niche is comforting and happy and easy and it smells a whole lot like bacon.

About six months into being married, I came to really understand that there was nothing I could do to make Husband like all the foods I like. Try as I might, we’re not going to be eating corn-based products or a lot of mushrooms together. So I started consulting him on a fairly regular basis to find out what he’d eat and then — this is the important part to me — enjoy. The funny thing about marrying a guy who has been on his own for awhile is that he’s probably used to eating boxed macaroni and cheese and cold cereal for most of his meals, so you’d think anything homemade would be warmly welcomed, but this is not really going to be the case. Unless, I suppose, you marry a man who is a lot like me, food-wise, and will eat literally anything you place in front of him that will not, say, eat him first.

The following recipe was hatched in the minds of Yours Truly and Her Husband. Initially, I balked at the addition of his special ingredient, but once we began to eat, I retracted immediately and then shared it with everyone I knew. It’s just that good. And when you take that first bite, don’t be too surprised if the words you utter are “Are you kidding me!?”

It’s really simple. You start with mass amounts of bacon fat (don’t even think about using oil, and if you’re a vegetarian, then I’m sorry, but this recipe isn’t for you), all melted in a large frypan (the largest you’ve got – trust me). Then you throw in thinly sliced potatoes, some salt, pepper, and salt-free seasoning, and just let them hang out. That part of the recipe was all mine: potatoes in bacon fat. I was going through a period when I was seeing what tasted good in bacon fat (for your information, that would be everything) and knew I wouldn’t go wrong with carbs.

But when they were almost finished cooking, Husband said, in a very off-hand manner, “You should add brown sugar!” I gave him a look – not one of awestruck revere, but more of an “Are you sure? That sounds gross” sort of look. He pushed for the brown sugar, though, and I figured fat + carbs + sugar couldn’t possibly be a terrible thing, so I grabbed the bag out of the kitchen cabinet and sprinkled it liberally all over the potatoes. Immediately it began to melt down, turning into this lovely dark caramel glaze. I moved the potatoes around and the glaze turned into a crust and the crust was perfection. I served them up on a platter, took a couple “I’m trying to be a food photographer here” shots, and we gobbled them up, every last bite.