Since we came to visit my parents for just a wee bit over a week, and I’ve mostly been stuffing my face and napping the entire time, I haven’t had a lot of time to blog about food. After all, I think we can agree that eating food is way more fun than writing about it.

But I will return – I  promise! Even better yet, I will regale you with fabulous stories about honey oat bread with golden raisins and Mother’s Bistro & Bar Part II and our beautiful Christmas dinner spread. In fact, for being such an awesome blog audience, here’s a photo to tide you over:

What are some holiday food traditions your family has? Post a comment below or tweet your responses! I’d love to hear all about them. As you can see, the green bean casserole (upper right hand corner) made its second annual appearance and the mashed potatoes (center, to the right) were idyllically perfect. I imagine this is mostly due to the half & half.

Have yourselves a very happy New Year’s Eve, don’t do anything I wouldn’t (well, that limits most of you to sitting around, drinking Martinelli’s, and falling asleep before midnight, so perhaps I’ll give you a one time waiver), and keep on eating.