I love coconut shrimp (no, this isn’t a typo, we’re getting to the chicken part). The first time I ever had coconut shrimp was at Red Lobster and I didn’t think anything could be more delicious. Since that experience, I have found foods that were more delicious (but only a little), but whenever I go to RL, it’s what I order most. I love the combination of sweet and savory and the crispiness that comes only from oil and frying.

I also love Pinterest (you may follow me here). For awhile I was extremely adverse to joining; I knew it would be yet another website I’d spend far too much time on, but I finally got sucked in and I haven’t looked back since. I primarily use it for recipes, and each one that I’ve actually attempted has proven to be quite delicious. I even learned how to make rolls – with yeast! – and surprised Husband one day with homemade Reese’s that tasted better than the real thing.

And then it happened. After one night of searching, coconut and Pinterest came together to provide for me a recipe for easy, inexpensive coconut chicken. This was perfect — Husband doesn’t like shrimp (I know, I know, but remember he loves cheese), but he does appreciate coconut. The recipe sat in my arsenal for months — I didn’t have panko bread crumbs, I didn’t have coconut, I wasn’t in the mood to actually cook, etc. But after making some goals at the beginning of this year (see also: resolutions, but we don’t call them that because then we will fail immediately) to organize my days better and create weekly menus, and finding myself with all the necessary ingredients, I decided tonight would be The Night.

I should mention here that I have been attempting for the past week and a half to cut down on my portion sizes, but that didn’t stop me from eating five pieces of this moist, succulent, crispy, slightly sweet chicken. I’d eat more, but that would just be sheer gluttony. Although I did do the elliptical for 25 minutes today, so perhaps I should just go for broke.

I burnt mine a little, so refer to her photos

I considered a few options as to how I’d post this, particularly since I obtained the recipe from elsewhere, rather than making it up myself (I don’t think up things like coconut chicken, let me assure you). I’ve decided the easiest route is for me to include a link to the blog, Budget Bytes, created by a brilliant woman who is both money conscious and into delicious food. She recommends serving the chicken up with sweet chili sauce, but I don’t have any in my cupboards, nor the main ingredient to make my own, so I opted for some homemade sweet and sour instead. This chicken stands alone quite well because of the coconut flavor, but the sweet and sour was delicious on it, as well. I served my chicken up with rice and some steamed veggies, but this would work beautifully as an appetizer or party food.

A note: she recommends whisking some egg with coconut milk, and I would second that. I didn’t have any so I used 2%, but I think the addition of a little more coconut flavor would be divine.

Coconut Chicken, as found on Budget Bytes