I realize there’s no lead up to what I’m talking about, but you can check out this post from my other blog to get caught up. I’ll give you a minute.

So now that you know about The Birthday Extravaganza of 2012, I am pleased to report that I actually know where we are going. (Incidentally it completely has to do with Donald Trump.)

Oh, you wanted to know, too? Well, I suppose.


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I know what you’re thinking. “Gosh, she’s writing a lot of one sentence long paragraphs.” You’re also probably wondering what Mormons do when they go to Vegas because even though it stays there, it’s probably not notable to be left in a non-hometown. And you’re probably right, when it really boils down to it because we are neither gamblers nor drinkers and, thanks to Husband’s work schedule, he gets tired around 9:30 pm these days. But I think we all know that we are eaters.

Evidently there are those out there who “never do buffets” (no, seriously, these were the responses of many an individual on the Food Network FB page and I was just as appalled as you are), but we are not those people. We absolutely do buffets all the time, unless they have the words ‘corral’ or ‘chuck’ in the names. In these instances, we avoid them at all costs. And I have decided, since it’ll be my 28th birthday, it’s only fitting that I gain 28 pounds this weekend. Or eat at 28 different restaurants. Either/or.

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What makes this entire event so meaningful is that Husband originally intended to tell me our destination tomorrow morning, as we were on our way, but decided instead to tell me tonight. So I could, you know, plan out all the meals.

Good husband.